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Still raining in Katoomba

It's been raining all day here in Katoomba. Supposed to for pretty much all of the 5 days we are here. I don't feel like drawing or reading right now, so I thought I'd jump on the computer again.

We really wanted to come to this location for the hiking so we were determined to do it, even with the bad weather. Not only is it rainy but its really foggy, so you can hike but you won't see very much. We started out today and by the time we walked through town to the park where the hiking path starts I was ready for it to be over. As I learned on the New Zealand hike, my rain jacket is not completely water proof (go figure) so I had bought a 3 dollar poncho at the hostel front desk to wear over it and keep me dry. For the life of me, I can't figure out how, water was somehow still getting in. I guess that's what I get for 3 dollars. Then the paths were pretty much totally waterlogged so we were sloshing through puddles the whole way. I tried to shimmy along the sides to keep my feet from getting soaked but it was really slow going and the wet foliage kept hitting me in the face. I slipped on a wet rock and almost flew through the air. Luckily I caught myself because I could imagine having to be carried out with a broken tailbone or something. I was getting more and more frustrated. It wasn't my idea of a fun time. I was trying not to complain too much so as not to piss off Lynette so I was so happy when she stopped and said maybe we should call it a quits. Her map was totally soaked and falling apart and the paths were hard to navigate without it. So we trudged our way back up the path and headed back to the hostel.

Most of the activities here are outdoor adventure type stuff. So the rain has put a damper on doing pretty much anything. Except one thing. There are some caverns and caves that are supposed to be amazing so we will be doing that tomorrow. We were told that would be a good activity for a rainy day since its underground. Looking forward to that.

The food so far on the trip overall has been really good. We've tried some new things and been pleasantly surprised. Its nice to see some different takes on some of the foods that in America are always made the same way. Last night I had a lamb burger at a restaurant here in Katoomba and it was great. It was actually more like sloppy joes with the sauce and bits of lamb but with that and the bread and leafy toppings it tasted fantastic. A few dishes have not been that successful in my opinion. Like the so called cajun chicken I had today. One thing I've learned is that New Zealand and Australia don't make very good milk shakes. The first one I ordered in New Zealand was vanilla and it was really thin. It tasted like I was drinking foamy whole milk. Lynette realized that they have regular and then thick, so I would need to order thick. Well I ordered thick the next few times and I'd swear they were no thicker than the regular. So I've given up on that. I don't know if this is all of Australia but I ordered a coke in a restaurant/pub the other day and it was $3.00 with no refills. I was so thirsty I sucked the thing down in five minutes and had to spend another $3.00. Even with the exchange rate I think that's high. The ketchup here is not as good as home either, and its not consistent. It tastes different almost every time. And they call it tomato sauce, not ketchup. Also, bacon is not like traditional bacon in America. To me it is more like what we consider canadian bacon, or just ham. -Not a big fan. Of course I'm just nit picking here. Like I said, most of the food has been really great. I wonder how the milk shakes will be in Malaysia. :-)

We'll keep you updated with our amazing culinary experiences. I'm sure you are on the edge of your seats. We're off to the hostel kitchen to make tonight's dinner. We are having TACOS!


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