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Florence, Italy


We left Florence a few days ago. Florence is another city that is packed to the gills with lots of old, classical and Renaissance thingsto see... So much so you have to take it in small doses or you could find yourself looking at a Michelangelo sculpture and debating on where you are going to eat later on. The Duomo is in Florence which is this magnificient church built with green, white and pink marble with white sculptures and really breathtaking when you first see it. Michelangelo's David sculpture is here also which we saw earlier today. We completely lucked out because lines can be atrocious for the museum where he lives but for some reason there was absolutely no one in line and we walked straight in, bought our tickets and entered the museum. When we left the museum an hour and a half later the line was so long it almost went around the building. Not sure why but our timing was perfecto! The David sculpture was incredible to see in person like all these other masterpieces we have been blessed to see. We stayed for awhile and just looked at it from every angle. Dave took the time to do a sketch of "David" (the statue) which will be an awesome momento especially since you can no longer take pictures of it (even without a flash).

The day before we spent a large portion of the day in the Uffizi gallery. This gallery is really famous for its massive collection of works from the Rennaisance. It has a ton of masterpieces including two by Botticelli - "Birth of Venus" and "Spring." This is another museum where lines get really long but for this one we reserved a ticket so we could bypass the line which worked nicely. We also went to the Boboli gardens which has this gorgeous view over the Tuscan countryside from one side and then on the other side a view over the city of Florence. You can just imagine those rich people back in the day walking around those gardens and stopping for a chat or a picnic.

The place we stayed at in Florence was a "budget" accomodation in an old building right in the center of town. The first two nights we stayed at this hotel our room actually had a view of the Duomo. The hotel didn't have any double rooms available for the 3rd night but after talking to the hotel owner we sort of convinced him to convert a single room for us. He was kind of embarrassed to do it because he said the room was so small but he stuffed another single bed in there for us. Dave and I thought it must be the size of a closet from the way the hotel guy was acting but when he showed us the converted single room we weren't even phased since it was about the size of a hotel room in Hong Kong! So it was quite fine for us.

Italy has made us feel a bit underdressed however since fashion reigns supreme here. We are definitely getting tired of our worn old clothes over and over and they are definitely starting to wear thin in areas. Black is the universal color though. If you are in black you could pass for a local. Believe it or not, while in Rome, Dave and I were approached by an Italian girl in the subway who asked us for directions in Italian. When we said we were sorry in English she looked a bit embarassed. I'm not sure what Dave was wearing but I was wearing all black. Black never goes out of style.

Here is Dave with some photos.
Hey, this is Dave with some photos.

This is the beautiful Duomo:



Some shots of the inside of the dome.


This is the view of it at night from our hotel room.

Lynette admiring the view from our elegant hotel room (before we moved into the converted single.)

Feeling a bit rebellious I let loose my long pent up artistic expression.

Here's the view from the Boboli gardens that Lynette mentioned:

Isn't this a beauty? And the landscape is pretty great too.






We are now in Venice. It is very expensive here. I mean VERY expensive. Especially after we convert to the US dollar. We try not to think about it too much so we can enjoy ourselves but it can be hard. After the conversion a large Coke at a restaurant the other night would have cost about 15 dollars. - and no free refills. Needless to say I didnt get one. We are still debating on whether we should do the gondola ride since it costs 80 euros for 40 minutes which is about 100 dollars. The city is absolutely beautiful though and we've had some great food. We'll try to post some photos in the near future.

dave and lynette

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Spend the money! You're THERE! :D You'll love the gondola ride. Anna

by AnnaMac66

I went to Florence in 2001 and was just BLOWN AWAY! And the duomo had just been cleaned so it was even more spectacular. Your photos bring back great memories. Your Ponte Vecchio photos are incredible. I took a photo of The David by accident when I saw it and I was almost thrown out of there!

Anyway, Jason and I are jealous of your amazing adventures and we're thinking of you!

- Jason and Mikkel (Lynette - Jason worked at Imagineering with Dave and I interned there...fyi ;-) )

by Mikkel6

Do the gondola!

by dtognieri

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