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January 2009

We're baaack!

Well, we made it around the world safe and sound. We flew back to Cleveland, Ohio on Friday January 2nd and are currently spending time with our families. It feels pretty weird to be back but we are slowly adjusting. We are going to spend a few weeks here before heading down to Orlando, Florida where we plan on fully adjusting back into a less transient lifestyle.

We plan on doing another more extensive blog with some more in depth questions/answers about our trip but here are a few fun facts we wanted to share.

How many flights we took: 44

How many airlines we used: 31

How many Hotels/places we stayed: exactly 100!

How much money we spent: We'll never tell. But lets just say we went a bit over budget.

Here is a story that we didn't share earlier...

Dave and I decided to rent a scooter while in Koh Samui in Thailand to explore the island. We rented a scooter once before in India and Dave drove us around no problemo. Well, we were coming down the lane to our hotel while it was raining on the scooter. The lane had these speed bumps every so often that were impossible to get over without hitting the under carriage of the scooter and as we went over the last speed bump we hit it a bit askew and because the ground was slippery with rain it sent us both flying off the scooter. Dave, the gentleman, tried to use his body as protection so I wouldn't hit the ground too hard. However, we both unfortunately did hit the ground in various ways and ended up with no broken bones - thank goodness - but with lots of bruises, cuts and scrapes. I have a small scar on my left ankle to remind of the incident. I sort of look at the scars I acquired on the trip as involuntary tattoos. Maybe I can show my grandchildren some day my old scooter scar from Thailand.

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Edinburgh, Scotland - Our Final Stop

Hello there from our final stop on our around the world trip of a lifetime! Edinburgh has been a great place to end this trip as it is just a fun place to be. It has a great vibe about it and is full of extremely cool architecture, friendly people, groovy places to eat and drink, and it ends the year with one of the biggest celebrations on the planet called Hogmanay. This festival started on the 29th and ends on January 1st. Of course the biggest deal was last night with a huge street party with 4 stages and a big fireworks extravanganza at midnight. It was a crazy way to ring in the new year and round out our fabulous trip.

We participated in the opening of Hogmanay the other night, which was a torchlight procession of over 1000 people lead by a bunch of bagpipes and guys dressed up as knights carrying large medievel looking torches and axes. We walked through the center of town and then up to the top of a hill where a huge bonfire was lit and then we were treated to the best fireworks we have ever seen in our lives. We felt like we were a part of this ancient tradition and it was a very memorable event to be a part of.

Dave said that it felt like we were in an angry mob marching to kill Frankenstein's monster.



Here is the big wooden bonfire structure in the shape of the Scotland lion mascot. Looked more like some alien demon to us though. But we didn't say anything.

Here it is once the bonfire got going, with the axe wielding knights in the foreground.

On Tuesday we took a tour where we went into the highlands of Scotland. The highlands are magnificient. We went past where they filmed part of Harry Potter - Prisoner of Azakaban (not sure what part but we'll watch it again when we get back home), various castles and monuments, and more beautiful mountain scenery. We also visited Loch Ness and searched for ol' Nessie and we saw her! We really did and we have the picture to prove it.

See! We were surprised to find out that it actually wears a hat, probably because of the cold weather.


The Sofie Star in Highlands of Scotland!


Aren't the highland cows cute with their hair over their faces? Apparently they aren't good for anything but posing for tourits' photos.

We have been in Edinburgh since Christmas Eve and so spent Christmas day here also. We are staying at a bed and breakfast so we did get breakfast on Christmas day which was nice. Lunch and dinner however turned out to be a bit of a challenge. We set off around 2 p.m. to find something to eat and were having no luck finding a place that was open. We did find one place that claimed they had ham and cheese sandwiches and soup so we went into the small pub and ordered. Unfortunately the soup of the day was tomato (not a fan) and to make a long story short - they ran out of ham so we just drank our drinks and left still very hungry. We walked on and on and much to our delight saw a light in front of a restaurant. Jimmy Choos Chinese Buffet! Not only were they open, they were very busy. It seems we were not the only ones trying to find someplace to eat on Christmas day. We could not stop comparing our Christmas dinner to the one in the movie "A Christmas Story." We did indeed have some Chinese turkey. We stuffed ourselves over the next 3 hours so we wouldn't have to eat again till morning. They did have sliced regular turkey, which Dave tried but it was that processed gelatinous kind so not very good.

Christmas morn at the bed and breakfast:

Here's Dave celebrating Christmas Scotland-Style at the Chinese restaurant. These doohickies are a big deal here, I guess during the holidays. You pull the ends and the middle breaks open revealing goodies inside such as a paper crown, balloon, and a small paper scroll with jokes printed on it.

Here are some photos from the Edinburgh Castle that we visited:


And some shots from around town.




So today is the last day of our trip. Its really strange to think that we will be back home tomorrow. It hasn't really sunk in yet that its over, we are kind of numb to it right now. We are sure it will start to sink in over time though. So we hope to post another blog sometime after we return home to write about our thoughts on the whole crazy year.

We have a long day of travelling tomorrow (two flights and a 4 hour layover, approximately 13 hours in total) but hopefully it will all go smoothly. We will be in Ohio for a while before heading back to Florida.

Thanks to you all for following along on our journey.

Lynette and Dave

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