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December 2007

One more week

One more week. Seven little days and Dave and I will be on our way to Fiji!!!! I know how to say hello now in Fiji so I'm all set. I went out to lunch with my parents and some friends yesterday and it turns out the one of my parent's friends spent some time in Fiji back in World War II and told me BULA means hello there. Our flight leaves Cleveland airport at 5:15 p.m. on January 6th so this time next week we will be on an airplane waiting to take off.

It has been really nice spending time with our families. I am back in North Olmsted where Dave's parents live for a farewell/New Year party. It is a small one - not like the one in Orlando. Just family and some close friends. Then Dave and I are gong back to the farm for a few more days and then we will spend Thursday, Friday and Saturday back in North Olmsted. We still need to buy a few more things and confirm our plane tickets but if we had to leave tomorrow we could. We booked our hostel in Queenstown, New Zealand today. The organization that we are doing the Milford Trek through asked that we send them our pre-hike accomodations. So, we booked a hostel that has private twin beds and a shared bathroom. There was one we looked at that had a private double bed and a private bathroom but at $50 per person we decided to go cheaper. We were laughing at the fact that we both felt that $100 bucks a night for a room was too expensive. That is probably how much the Red Roof costs on highway 77 in West Virginia for goodness sakes!

Happy New Year everyone!!!

I put a couple of website links here for you. The first is a site we used a lot in planning and booking this trip. The second is a link to the organization that we are doing the Milford Track through.




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Last week

Dave and I are now in Cleveland, Ohio. The first exotic location on our trip around the globe. Actually it is the second location - first was Boiling Springs, South Carolina to visit my new nephew Jayce and my brother and Shyanne and the rest of his family. It is cold in Cleveland and there is several inches of snow on the ground but we are very happy to be here. We left Orlando on Saturday instead of Friday because we were not done doing everything that we needed to do in Orlando yet. My advice to anyone wanting to do this in the future is to take at least 2 weeks maybe even a month after you leave your job to just organize. We were so busy last week that our heads were spinning. We moved all our stuff to a storage facility on Monday so we spent all day Sunday packing up our stuff. We then had Doctor appointments, Dentist appointments, tons of errands to run, banks to notify, taxes to set up, vaccinations to get and on and on. To give you a visual on what we felt like last week - if you have ever seen the movie Goodfellas - the part just before the Ray Liotta character - Henry Hill is busted for drug possession where he is running around like a madman doing a million things like running over to his girlfriends house to get the drugs and then going home to make sure the pasta sauce is cooked properly and then telling the girl that is going to take the drugs not to make a call from the home telephone and then taking something over to the inlaws house all the while sweating profusely and being followed by helicopters. That is truly what we felt like and we were exhausted. It was just a very emotional week since we are leaving a place and people so familiar to us. It was very difficult for Dave and I. We are thrilled to be going on this adventure and making a dream come true but that does not negate the fact that we had a wonderful life in Orlando and really will miss a lot of people very much. We still have a few things to do but the bulk of what we needed to do has been done so we are just going to enjoy this time with our families.


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